Preferred by the people for their being natural and hygienic and having magnificent colours, the natural stones have further intertwined with our life thanks to the advanced technology and higher standards of life, finding themselves a wide range of use from the shopping centers through hotels, home and business centres and most preferred worldwide providing us with thousands of options in colour.
Although the marble has a long economical life lasting thousands of years, it may be deformed due to improper care and use and it scares people not acquainted with the marble, thus leads them into looking for alternatives in case of preference and use. However, if due care is given properly, the marble never lose its colour and texture, maintaining its original brightness and elegance for very long years.
Protection and maintenance of the natural stone is quite simple. If the marble surfaces are regularly cleaned, the complex detergents and maintenance procedures will never be required. If the natural stone is neglected, it results in accumulation of dirt and oil and the surface may, therefore, be cracked and damaged beyond normal wear to such an extent that cannot be removed by repair. In fact, the improper cleaning agents with content of alkali, acidic metallic salts or other aggressive additives attack the natural stone, thus increasing and extending number of poles susceptible to accumulation of dirt. Soap and abrasive cleaning agents should never be used on the marble surfaces. Such cleaning agents enter into reaction with the component of the natural stone so as to cause a soapy foam in form of greasy or slippery layers that destroy beauty of the natural stone and catch and show dirt. Use of aggressive cleaning agents will cause invisible scratches on the surfaces. Removal of the aggressive cleaning agents by rinsing is almost impossible and normal foot traffic will rub the aggressive particles into the surface and thus destruct the flooring.

Ideal cleaning agent should particularly be effective for removal of the dust. Cleaning and care of the natural stone is different from that of the ceramic or porcelain. The first step to be taken for protection of the natural stone is daily removal of ordinary dirt and soil. Sweeping components containing oil should never be used in case of natural stone as they will likely cause discoloration on the surface. And the cleaning agents containing acid or bleacher will scratch the surface and destroy the natural stone; for these reason, the neutral cleaning agents should be used. In case of flooring with heavy foot traffic, it should be cleaned daily until the traces of all dirt solutions are removed; and such cleaning should be performed by use of clean and soft cloths, sponges or mops and, preferably, warm water and then the natural stone should be allowed to dry.

Secret of a very beautiful marble is simply to keep it clean. If the procedures described above are fulfilled, your marble will keep its original beauty for long years.